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Our Products

Packed with various free radical-fighting antioxidants, healthy omegas 3, 6, and 9 

—and loaded with flavour; super fruit is the key to super health.    

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Choose 6 different colours of fruit for a complete set of phytonutrients

3 bases to choose from: Original, Sea-salt & Grain

Natural Yogurt containing live culture & probiotics!

Nutrient rich, fresh, & delicious -Guilty pleasure without the guilt!

Low-sugar cakes and mochi made with fresh superfruit

Rich chocolate filling 


Free for members daily!

Mix  fruit smoothies made fresh everyday

Made with fresh natural yogurt, rich in probiotics for your gut health!

Frozen yogurt with healthy cultures for a happy gut!

Pair with a cone or fruit toppings!

Ready to switch your lifestyle to a healthier one?

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