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One For One Special Promo!

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Improving Your
Health With
Every Bowl

A diverse selection of ultra-fresh super fruit finely selected from selected vendors all over the globe are specially curated in a wholesome bowl filled with nutrient-rich freshness. We use food as a force for good in the world --changing your lifestyle with every bowl.

Our Products

Packed with various free radical-fighting antioxidants, healthy omegas 3, 6, and 9 

—and loaded with flavour; super fruit is the key to super health.    

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3 bases to choose from: Original, Sea-salt & Grain

Natural Yogurt containing live culture & probiotics!

Choose 6 different colours of fruit for a complete set of phytonutrients


Sticky Yogurt Bowl

Cold Pressed Juices
& Smoothies

Cold pressed fresh juice

Mix fruit smoothies made fresh everyday

Smoothies made with fresh natural yogurt, rich in probiotics for your gut health!

Premium Desserts

Ready to switch your lifestyle to a healthier one?

Acai and fruit fiesta bowl!

Nutrient rich, fresh, & delicious -Guilty pleasure without the guilt!

Frozen Yogurt

Pair with a cone or fruit toppings!

Frozen yogurt with healthy cultures for a happy gut!

📍Bugis Junction #M01/K1 

📍VivoCity #B2-23D (Alongside NTUC) 
📍Takashimaya Shopping Centre #B1-29 

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